A JOURNALIST for well over 30 years, Sheron Boyle has freelanced since 1995, writing news and features for the print media, mainly the tabloids and magazines - and loves it - though she has occasionally dipped her toes into the broadsheets.
Yorkshire-based Sheron specialises in crime, health, travel and anything that comes under the human interest umbrella. She has had numerous exclusives published relating to 13-times serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, over the years. Her investigation into the care and deaths of numerous babies and youngsters at the Bristol Children's Hospital, as revealed in the Sunday People, lead to a Government inquiry being held.
Her work has been featured in documentaries and TV dramas. Sheron has also ghosted and written books. Not afraid to put her head above the parapet, Sheron is a fervent campaigner for freelancers' rights and her campaign to end byline banditry lead to the then Sun newspaper editor ringing her to tell her the shabby practice was being stopped at the newspaper.

She has also set up a freelancers group, Can Pay, Won't Pay, to support her colleagues when fighting for fair treatment, to be paid for their work done and to protect their copyright on their stories. It remains an ongoing battle.