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The British Journalism Awards reward great public interest journalism regardless of the medium it appears in.
Launched partly as a response to the hacking scandal and the Leveson Inquiry, these awards are now in their sixth year and are seen as the UK's equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize in the US.

The 2018 British Journalism Awards are held in London December.


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Application events and deadlines

Categories and Shortlists

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    Arts and Entertainment Journalism

    For the journalist working in the field of the arts and entertainment who has done the most to bring newsworthy information to light and make a difference. The emphasis here is on reportage and investigation rather than criticism or comment. This category covers all aspects of the entertainment industry, showbiz and the creative arts. Collaborative entries are accepted.
    Miranda Sawyer – The Observer
    Chrissy Iley – The Sunday Times Magazine
    Mark Edmonds – Financial Times
    Matthew Garrahan – Financial Times - 2018 WINNER
    Vanessa Thorpe – The Observer
    Liz Hoggard – Daily Mail

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    Business, Finance and Economics Journalism - sponsored by Aviva

    For the journalist who has done the most to probe and investigate the world of business. Collaborative entries are accepted.
    Tom Warren and Alex Campbell – Buzzfeed
    Symeon Brown – The Guardian
    Jeff Prestridge – Mail on Sunday - 2018 WINNER
    Madison Marriage and Matt Garrahan – Financial Times
    Tom Burgis – Financial Times
    David Lewis, Philippe Engels – Reuters:
    Jamie Nimmo – Mail on Sunday
    Arash Massoudi – Financial Times

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    Campaign of the Year

    Sponsored by
    For the series of articles, broadcasts or digital project which has done the most to make a difference in society and serve the public interest. You cannot enter the same work in Campaign and Investigation categories.
    Judges will be looking for evidence of a campaign’s impact, originality, bravery, skill of execution and at how journalism has been used to further the campaign’s objectives.
    Boot Out Bailiffs – The Bristol Cable
    Stub Out the Touts – Daily Record
    Betrayal of the Brave – Daily Mail - 2018 WINNER
    Windrush – The Guardian
    Jonathan Unqoed-Thomas – The Sunday Times
    Dying Homeless – The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
    End Child Burial Fees – The Sunday Mirror
    Energy Drinks Ban – The Mirror

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    Comment Journalism

    This new category is for the best comment journalist of the year.
    The judges are looking for the most incisive comment which has brought new ideas and thinking to bear when discussing a matter of public interest.
    James O’Brien – LBC
    Dominic Lawson – The Sunday Times
    Aditya Chakrabortty – The Guardian
    Janice Turner – The Times - 2018 WINNER
    Peter Hitchens – Mail on Sunday
    Ian Birrell – Mail on Sunday and i
    John Harris – The Guardian
    Susie Boniface – Mirror Online

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    Innovation - sponsored by Google

    This category is for the best journalism innovation of the year.
    The judges are looking for a project which brings new information to light on a matter of public interest either directly, or indirectly by creating a new stream of revenue.
    Innovative digital storytelling can be submitted in this category but it is also open to print and broadcast work.
    Suitable entries could include:
    A new editorial product or method of storytelling which has found a new audience
    An innovative way of investigating a story
    A paywall or other commercial strategy which helps to pay for journalism.
    TicToc (24/7 news livestream on Twitter)– Bloomberg (Mindy Massucci and Andrew J. Barden)
    No Refuge – The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Maeve McClenaghan, Cash Carraway and Bureau Local network)
    Relationship strategy – The Guardian
    Uber Game – Financial Times - 2018 WINNER
    NHS Tracker – BBC (Nick Triggle and visual journalism unit)
    sponsored by :

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    Features Journalism

    This is for the best features journalist of the year. It rewards excellent journalism on a matter of public interest which could be descriptive, of a human interest nature or based on an interview. This category is not intended for investigations or comment. Open to broadcasters, written pieces and digital projects. Collaborative entries are accepted.
    Alex Hannaford – British GQ Magazine
    Duncan Leatherdale – BBC News - 2018 WINNER
    Ciaran Jenkins – Channel 4 News
    Ros Wynne-Jones – Daily Mirror
    Christina Lamb – The Sunday Times Magazine
    John Domokos – The Guardian
    Jon Manel – BBC Radio 4’s The World at One
    Oobah Butler – Vice UK

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    Foreign Affairs Journalism

    For the journalist working for a UK audience, whose reports from overseas have done the most to serve the public interest. For print/online entries, provide up to three supporting articles. For broadcasters, up to three video or audio news clips, or one news programme (half hour or longer) can be submitted. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted. Supporting statement of up to 500 words.
    Quentin Sommerville – BBC News
    Nawal al Maghafi – BBC Arabic
    Alex Crawford – Sky News
    Louise Callaghan – The Sunday Times
    Larisa Brown – Daily Mail
    Emily Feng – Financial Times
    Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo– Reuters - 2018 WINNERS
    Anthony Loyd – The Times

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    Investigation of the Year - sponsored by Transparency International

    For the most incisive and revelatory public interest investigation of the year (you cannot enter the same work in Campaign and Investigation). Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    The judges will be looking for work which is compelling and which brings significant new information to light on a matter of public interest.
    File on 4 – BBC Radio 4
    Channel 4 news Investigations Unit - 2018 WINNER
    Cam Simpson, Gavin Finch and Kit Chellel – Bloomberg Businessweek
    Carole Cadwalladr – The Observer -2018 WINNER
    Michael Yong – Bristol Post
    Sean O’Neill – The Times
    Madison Marriage – Financial Times
    Geraldine McKelvie & Nick Sommerlad – Sunday Mirror

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    Journalist of the Year - sponsored by Cision Jobs (formerly Gorkana Jobs)

    For the outstanding British journalist of the year. Journalists entered in other categories will automatically be considered for this prize – but stand-alone entries can also be made for this award.
    There is no shortlist for this prize – the winner will be announced on the night.
    sponsored by :

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    Local Heroes Award

    This category is for the best journalism at a local and regional level.
    It is open to local newspapers, websites and broadcast outlets. Those working for news outlets aimed at a national audience cannot enter this category.
    Journalists can enter this category as individuals or teams. They may want to highlight one particular project, investigation, campaign or linked series of news stories.
    The judges are looking for work which has done the most to bring new information to light on a matter of public interest and for journalism which has made a difference for the better at a local level.
    Charles Thomson – Yellow Advertiser Newspaper Series
    Jonathan Gibson – BBC Birmingham
    Matt Precey, Sarah Ward and Tom Barton – BBC East and Local
    Democracy Reporting Service
    Tom Bristow and Dominic Gilbert – Eastern Daily Press
    Nick Southall – BBC Radio Shropshire
    Michael Yong – Bristol Post
    David Thompson and Stephen Nolan – BBC Radio UlsteR - 2018 WINNER

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    New Journalist of the Year - sponsored by Bournemouth University

    This award is for a relative newcomer to the industry (who may have worked in other jobs before) and has been a journalist for less than 36 months. Work most show evidence of being revelatory and serving the public interest.
    The judges are looking for the new journalist who has done the most to bring new information to light on a matter of public interest.
    Siân Thomas – ITV Wales
    Richard Holmes – Buzzfeed - 2018 WINNERS
    George Greenwood – BBC
    Emily Feng – Financial Times
    Luke Barratt – Inside Housing
    Aliya Ram – Financial Times

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    News Provider of the Year

    For the news organisation which has done the most to provide journalism which is interesting to the public and in the public interest. Open to newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcast outlets.
    This new category is for the news provider which has excelled in terms of serving the public interest and bringing new information to light.
    It is open to individual newspaper and magazine titles, websites and broadcast news programmes. News channels can enter this award as can news agencies.
    The judges are looking for a news provider which stands out because of the quality of its investigative journalism and ability to break news on matters of public interest.

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    Photojournalism - Sponsored by Good 4 U

    For the photographer whose work has done the most to serve the public interest. Submit up to three photos (Jpeg files). Entrants can also provide PDFs of the photos as they appeared in print or online. Six-file limit per entry. Supporting statement of up to 500 words.
    Jack Hill – The Times
    Anthony Devlin – Freelance (PA/Getty)
    Hannah McKay – Reuters
    Victoria Jones – Press Association
    Charlie Bibby – Financial Times
    Paula Bronstein – The Sunday Times - 2018 WINNER

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    Politics Journalism

    This category is for the best politics journalism published in any format aimed at a mainly UK audience.
    The judges are looking for work which brings new information to light and which serves the public interest. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    Antony Barnett, Charles Young, Joanna Burge & Katherine Haywood and Geoff Atkinson,Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott, Sunday Times Insight team – Vera/Sunday Times for Channel 4
    Faisal Islam – Sky News
    Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott – Sunday Times Insight Team
    Laura Hughes – Financial Times - 2018 WINNER
    Tim Shipman – The Sunday Times
    David Clegg and Kevin Mansi – Daily Record

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    Popular Journalism

    This is the prize for the journalist who has done the most to serve the public interest with a piece of journalism which also has mass market appeal. Open to tabloid and mid-market newspapers, broadcast journalism with a mass-market audience and website journalism which has mass appeal. For print/online entries provide up to three supporting articles. For broadcasters up to three video or audio news clips, or one news programme (half hour or longer), can be submitted. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted. Supporting statement of up to 500 words.
    Jonathan Gibson – BBC Birmingham:
    Jeremy Armstrong – The Mirror:
    Alan Selby – Sunday Mirror:
    Ian Birrell – Mail on Sunday - 2018 WINNER:
    Sean Poulter – Daily Mail:
    Tom Pettifor – The Mirror:

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    Science and Health Journalism - sponsored by Astellas Pharma Ltd

    Aimed at journalists who cover science, health and the environment, with a focus on those involved in investigative features and news (rather than comment). Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    Note: Technology now has its own category.
    Warren Manger – The Mirror
    Ross Lydall – London Evening Standard
    Julian Sturdy – BBC East
    Gareth Iacobucci – The BMJ
    Catherine Jones – 5 News
    Helen McArdle – The Herald - 2018 WINNER
    Sarah Neville – Financial Times
    Deborah Cohen – BMJ

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    Scoop of the Year

    This is the prize for the best story of the year (you can only enter one story for this award).
    The judges are looking for work which had an impact, brought new information to light and which served the public interest.
    Alberto Nardelli – Buzzfeed
    Nick Hopkins – The Guardian
    Sean O’Neill – The Times - 2018 WINNER
    Richard Pendlebury & Bill Akass – Daily Mail
    Madison Marriage & Matthew Garrahan– Financial Times
    Geraldine McKelvie – Sunday Mirror
    Tom Pettifor and Louie Smith – The Mirror

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    Specialist Journalism- Sponsored by Ableforth’s

    A prize recognising the best public interest journalism on specialist/B2B newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcast outlets. This is for journalism aimed at a specialist business, trade or other interest areas.
    Specialist journalists on general interest publications (such as national newspapers) can enter for this award if their specialism is not covered by other categories. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    Specialist titles can – if they wish – enter the same work in this category and another.
    Patrick Strudwick – Buzzfeed - 2018 WINNER
    Mark Urban – BBC Newsnight
    Deborah Cohen – The BMJ
    Luke Barratt – Inside Housing
    Beverley Cuddy – Dogs Today
    Tom Harper – The Sunday Times
    Shaun Lintern – HSJ/Buzzfeed

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    Sports Journalism - sponsored by University of Gloucestershire Media School

    Aimed at the sports journalist who has done the most to investigate the world of sport and serve the public interest. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    Preference will be given to articles which are revelatory and which hold those involved in sport to account.
    Nick Harris and Rob Draper – Mail on Sunday
    Matt Precey, Julian Sturdy and Tom Barton – BBC East
    Sean Ingle and Martha Kelner – The Guardian
    Kit Chellel – Bloomberg Businessweek
    Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott – The Sunday TimeS - 2018 WINNER
    Simon Kuper – Financial Times
    sponsored by : src="https://www.awards.pressgazette.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/uinersity.png">

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    Technology Journalism - sponsored by Huawei

    For the journalist who has done the most over the course of the year to investigate the world of technology and serve the public interest. Collaborative (team) entries are accepted.
    File on Four – BBC Radio 4
    Carole Cadwalladr – The Observer - 2018 WINNER
    Hal Hodson – The Economist
    Jane Bird – Financial Times
    John Thornhill – Financial Times
    Babbage – The Economist Radio

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    The Marie Colvin award

    This category was launched in memory of the late Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin – who was killed reporting on the plight of people in the besieged Syrian city of Homs in 2012. It is free to enter and anyone can make a nomination. The judges are looking for a journalist who has raised the reputation of journalism and journalists through their efforts to bear witness to events in the way that Colvin did. The judges are particularly keen to recognise and encourage younger journalists who could be a “new Marie in the making” as one put it.
    Nick Southall – BBC Radio Shropshire
    Louise Callaghan – The Sunday Times
    Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – The Guardian
    Fergal Keane – The BBC
    Josie Ensor – The Telegraph

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    Investigation (Global)

    This is a new category to showcase outstanding investigative journalism by news orgnisations outside the UK. This is only for work aimed at an international audience.
    Africa Eye and BBC Pidgin
    European Investigative Collaborations
    Wa Lone and Kyawa Soe Oo – Reuters - 2018 WINNER
    Clare Baldwin, Andrew R.C. Marshall and Manuel Mogato – Reuters

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    News Provider of the year

    Financial Times - 2018 WINNER
    Guardian News & Media
    Channel 4 News
    The Times
    The Sunday Times
    Daily Mail

  • -

    Journalist of the year

    2018 WINNER
    Amelia Gentleman - The Guardian

  • -

    Marie Colvin Award - Winner announced on the night

    Nick Southall – BBC Radio Shropshire
    Louise Callaghan – The Sunday Times - 2018 WINNER
    Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – The Guardian
    Fergal Keane – The BBC
    Josie Ensor – The Telegraph


Meet the judges


Giles is a former Editor-In-Chief of Property Week who started in journalism at its predecessor Estates Times in 1988. He has also worked as News Editor at the architects’ paper Building Design and as Deputy Editor at Building magazine

David Banks

Former editor of the Daily Mirror

Kurt Barling

Middlesex University Professor, writer and broadcaster

Giles Barrie

Giles Barrie is a Senior Managing Director at global PR firm FTI Consulting, based in London.

Luke Blair


Heather Brooke

Journalism professor and Freedom of Information campaigner

Paul Charman

Freelance journalist and media consultant

Peter Cole

Emeritus professor of journalism at Sheffield University

Michael Crozier

Michael Crozier is Editorial Director of Crozier Associates

John Dale

Journalist and founded the internet-based Brentford TV, the UK's first constituency TV channel

Kim Fletcher

Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn is a former investigations editor of The Sun.

Neil Fowler

Former editor of Which?, the Toronto Sun and four UK regional daily newspapers

Alan Geere

Former editor with 30 years experience in more than 200 newsrooms around the globe

Liz Gerard

Former night editor of The Times with 40 years experience in journalism - author of the SubScribe blog

Roderick Gilchrist

Roderick Gilchrist is a former Deputy Editor at the Mail on Sunday and New York correspondent for the Daily Mail

Leon Hawthorne

Leon Hawthorne is a journalist, broadcaster, erstwhile TV executive and consultant on digital content strategy for newspaper and magazine groups.

Lindsey Hilsum

Lindsey Hilsum is the International Editor of Channel 4 News, and the author of a forthcoming book

Christopher Hird

Former editor of The Sunday Times Insight Team and of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

SA Jukes

Stephen Jukes is Professor of Journalism at Bournemouth University's School of Journalism, English & Communication.

Alice Kay

Alice Kay is a science press officer, she previously worked at the Science Media Centre and recently moved to Nature Research.

Geoffrey Lean

Environmental journalist. Formerly Yorkshire Post, Observer, Independent on Sunday and Daily Telegraph

Anthony Longden

Anthony Longden has been a journalist for nearly 35 years, 22 of them spent as an editor and senior editorial executive in various regional companies in the UK

John Mair

Former BBC producer and editor of 10 books on journalism

Lee Mallett

Director, Urbik

Gren Manuel

Gren Manuel is formerly executive editor for Europe for the Wall Street Journal and editor of Financial News.

Rob McGibbon

Rob McGibbon is an author and freelance journalist who as written for numerous national newspapers and magazines since 1986. He is also a producer at Scoop Films

Simon Middelboe

Unicorn Digital Media

Robin Morgan

CEO and founder of Iconic Images

Vincent Moss

Former Sunday Mirror political editor with 25 years experience in senior editorial positions on national and regional titles, including Mail on Sunday & Bristol Post.

Ian Murray

Ian Murray is an award-winning journalist with almost 40-years’ experience in newsrooms and working with the British media.

Sam Ogle

A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sam Ogle began his journalistic career on the Belfast Telegraph evening newspaper at the height of the IRA bombing campaign in the 1970s. At that time, and in those circumstances, there was no shortage of hard news to be covered. Later, he plied his trade for four years as an expatriate in the Ivory Coast followed by two years in Senegal and two in New York. Now resident in London, he edited Think Law magazine before specialising for the last thirteen years in the automotive logistics and supply chain industry. He has been editor of several automotive publications and, for the last six-and-a-half years, Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain. He has moderated, and taken part in, panel discussions at automotive conferences in the UK, the USA, Russia, Turkey, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Mexico.

Iain Overton

Iain Overton is an author and campaigner.

DY portrait

Dominic Young is CEO of Agate

Paul Reeve

Director of Business and Communications, ECA

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan is the media director of Save the Children.

Fergus Shanahan

Fergus Shanahan is a former deputy editor and executive editor of The Sun.

Mary Ann Sieghart

Journalist, radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times

Jon Slattery

Independent Media blogger/freelance Journalist

Moira Sleight

Moira Sleight is Editor and Publisher of the Methodist Recorder weekly national newspaper and a Board member of both the Society of Editors and the London Press Club.


Dr Paul Lashmar is Deputy Head of Journalism at City, University of London

Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson retired from Sky News in 2016 after joining thee channel in 1993. He had a 50-year career in journalism and his memoirs, JT Breaking News an Autobiography are due to be published in October

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a writer, author and broadcaster. Formerly the Daily Telegraph's Mandrake diarist and theatre critic, he has more recently edited the Daily Mirror's Heckler election diary.

Rosie Waterhouse

Former Director, MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London

Karen Fowler Watt

Dr Karen Fowler-Watt is a former senior BBC journalist

Patrick Younge

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46 Speakers
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The 2018 British Journalism Awards are sponsored by

Marie Colvin

Based on the extraordinary life of Marie Colvin, A Private War is directed by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land, City of Ghosts) in his pulse-pounding feature debut.

In a world where journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin (Oscar and BAFTA nominee Rosamund Pike) is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontlines of conflicts to give voice to the voiceless. Her mission to show the true cost of war leads her and photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) to embark on the most dangerous assignment of their lives in the besieged Syrian city of Homs.

Based on the Vanity Fair article “Marie Colvin’s Private War” by Marie Brenner the film co-stars Tom Hollander (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Stanley Tucci (Spotlight).

A Private War will be released by Altitude in Irish and UK Cinemas on 15 February 2019

Helping journalists since 1864

What do we do – Helping journalists since 1864

The Journalists’ Charity distributes grants and other forms of financial assistance to those in urgent need. In 2018, we will pay out between £400,000 and £500,000 in more than 140 cases with beneficiaries ages ranging from those in their 20s to those in their 90s.
No two cases are the same, no reasons are the same, no needs are the same. What they all have in common is that there is no-one else they can turn to for support.
We also work with other charities such as NUJ Extra, the Printing Charity, SSAFA, and Stepchange to ensure the best help and advice are available.
Although the Journalists’ Charity is steeped in history, its work is more vital today than it was when it was founded by Charles Dickens and others in 1864.
It is still run for journalists by journalists, who are all too aware of the pressures facing those working in the media in the 21st century. It supports professional journalists and their dependants from newspapers and magazines, television, radio and on-line.
“The charity saved my home and, quite probably, my life as well.”
Letter from grant recipient
“It’s not just the funds, but also the moral support and the confirmation that there is hope – and people like you who are willing to help people like me in desperate and dire times.”
Letter from grant recipient


Aviva is the UK’s leading insurer serving one in every four households and has strong businesses in selected markets in Europe, Asia and Canada. Aviva plc is a member of the FTSE 100 and provides life insurance, general insurance, health insurance and asset management to 33 million customers.
Aviva’s asset management business, Aviva Investors, provides asset management services to both Aviva and external clients, and currently manages over £350 billion in assets. Aviva’s total group assets under management are £490 billion.
Aviva helps people save for the future and manage the risks of everyday life; the company paid out £34.6 billion in benefits and claims in 2017. Aviva paid out 98% of all claims received in 2017.

University of Gloucestershire

The BA (Hons.) Sports Journalism programme at the University of Gloucestershire has forged a reputation as one of the leading places to study sports media since its launch in 2014.

Graduates work for a range of organisations, including the Racing Post, the Independent, Reach plc and the Football Association, and students have secured jobs straight out of university in the media departments of Premier League and Championship clubs.

The Cheltenham-based course is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, which has highlighted the breadth of innovative technology that the course incorporates into teaching.

Students benefit from the course’s excellent links with industry and an exciting list of visiting speakers, which includes Pat Murphy, Jill Douglas, Cornelius Lysaght and Tom Rostance. The programme has enjoyed successful partnerships with BT Sport and Reach, and has strong links with the Football Writers’ Association, the Rugby Writers’ Club and the Sports Journalists’ Association. In the FWA’s 2018-19 handbook alone the course has 31 associate members who are currently studying on the course.

The Sports Journalism course is part of the University of Gloucestershire Media School, which also offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in film, music, and other areas of journalism.

Camden Town

Camden Town Brewery was founded back in 2010 with the aim of spreading the joy of great beer.

It all started out when Jasper Cuppaidge began brewing beer in the basement of his pub, The Horseshoe in Hampstead, for him to serve on the bar upstairs. He then moved under 6 railway arches in Camden where we brewed our very first beer that same year - Camden Hells Lager.

In 2017, we outgrew our space under the arches, and opened the doors to our second Home of Hells up in Enfield, North London with a party amongst the tanks.

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Are you looking for the next step in your journalism or PR career and want to find the very best roles?

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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Through products and platforms like Search, Maps, Gmail, Android, Google Play, Chrome and YouTube, Google plays a meaningful role in the daily lives of billions of people and has become one of the most widely-known companies in the world. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc

Transparency International UK

Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is the UK chapter of Transparency International, the global movement against corruption. TI-UK fights corruption by promoting changes in values attitudes and behaviour at home and abroad, through programmes that draw on the UK’s unique position as a global political and financial centre. TI-UK successfully campaigned for the introduction of the UK Bribery Act and more recently the Criminal Finances Act that will make it tougher for corrupt individuals to use the UK to launder stolen money.


Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University (BU) has a strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and graduate employability. We have over 17,000 students, of which 1,500 are international students from around 130 countries.
We are proud to be ranked in the top 150 young universities in the world (THE Young University Rankings) and rose 18 places in The Guardian University Guide 2017. Our graduate employment rates are consistently high at over 90%.
Our Faculty of Media & Communication has over 4,000 students, and over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our School of Journalism, English and Communication has a great reputation for innovative, collaborative, industry-leading courses where students gain relevant industry experience and the ability to put what you have learned into practice. We have courses in Multimedia Journalism, English, Communication & Media Creative Writing & Publishing and Literary Media at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our close industry links with media industries such as BBC, Thomson Reuters and Newsquest ensure our courses remain relevant and ensure students are well prepared once they graduate.
We’re proud to be supporting the British Journalism Awards – good luck to everyone shortlisted!


Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) company. Based in Shenzhen in China and operating in 170 countries worldwide, Huawei is driven by a commitment to innovation, and open collaboration in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology. Huawei employs 180,000 people worldwide and more than 1,300 in the UK where it works in partnership with the major telecom operators (BT/EE, Vodafone, Three, Talk Talk). Huawei also enjoys a close relationship with many of the top universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Manchester and Surrey, where it is supporting research in a number of ICT-related fields

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Entry Information

Entires submitted must have been published between 1st September 2017 - 31st August 2018 in order to be counted in this years British Journalism Awards

Entry Prices:

Earlybird National £85.00

Standard National £100.00

Early bird rate is available until 7th September
Entry deadline is 28th September

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